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Music with Friends

I loved teaching The Music Class in New York, but when we moved I discovered that there weren’t great options for baby-preschool music classes available in our new area. I found one class that was impressive, but didn’t allow you to bring younger or older children. With a baby and toddler, that wasn’t possible for me. And it was expensive! Instead I started a casual group music class with a few friends. We started out taking turns hosting, singing our favorite songs, using simple instruments and letting the kids play. I realized that with a little guidance everyone could do this. I’ve gathered collections of my favorite songs along with simple tips for starting a weekly music class with your children and/or friends.

Each themed collection includes a list of songs to sing, a corresponding lesson plan and a playlist of songs to dance to. Each collection is designed to be used for 8-10 weeks. You can use them in any order.

Moving Our Bodies

Farm Songs to Dance to

Playtime Songs to Dance to

Let’s Go
Let’s Go Songs to Dance to

For more info on getting a Music with Friends group started check out these posts:
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And please email me with questions, concerns and suggestions! It really is so helpful.

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