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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I love the alternating back and forth and side to side motion of this song. It can be gentle and soothing if you have a baby on your lap or can be raucous and active […]

Feb, 26

Round and Round the Village

For this game, use a parachute or very big stretchy band. Stand in a circle, make sure everyone has a handle to hold. As you sing, go around and around. When you “go in and […]

Feb, 11

Here’s A Ball for Baby

Here’s a Ball for Baby is an active but calming song. You can sing it as a lullaby to your baby, or do the movements with your toddler. This simple version by Rahel (Ann Rachel) […]

Feb, 06

The Bean Bag

We first learned this song during library story time and it quickly became our favorite bean bag song. I prefer to sing songs without any accompaniment, but this one works well with the musical track. […]

Jan, 30

Paw Paw Patch

I love songs that are also games. This one is perfect for the toddler crowd just learning hide-and-seek. Hiding places should be simple, and you might want to give specific parameters (hide in this room) […]

Jan, 28

Happy Family

We sing this song all year long, but it’s especially fun around the holidays when we get to see so many uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents. It has endless variations from titles (like aunt) to […]

Nov, 19

Five Fat Turkeys

My daughter learned this one in preschool. It’s short but surprisingly complex if you include the melody, hand actions and clapping. The first time you sing it, just do the hand actions. When you can […]

Nov, 16

This Old Man

We sing this song with simple hand actions. If the group is young, just sing to five. As you say knick-knack-paddywack drum the rhythm on the floor or on your lap. You might have to […]

Sep, 24

Brown Girl in the Ring

I shorten this traditional Jamaican song to make it an educational game about colors. It’s the most fun when you sit in a circle (make a ring) and let the children take turns dancing in […]

Sep, 17

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Even babies love to watch this fingerplay. The actions are simple enough for a preschooler and engaging enough to quiet a sad baby. We like to play around with different sizes of spiders. We use […]

Jun, 01

Five Little Ducks

This is a classic counting song with simple and fun actions. There are different variations out there. I grew up hearing the one about the Father duck really laying down the law and that’s when […]

May, 14

I Love My Rooster

This song is a great memory game, each new verse you add a animal (and the sound it makes) and then finish the verse by listing every animal from previous verses. Props like plastic animals […]

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May, 12


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