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Let’s Go Songs to Dance to

This fun dance mix includes classical, latin, bicycles, cannons, tickles and bananas. You can listen to it on spotify: This collection was created to use along with the Let’s Go Music with Friends collection.

Mar, 04

Let’s Go Music with Friends

My son loves trucks and trains and cars and boats and pretty much anything that moves. I wanted to create a Music with Friends curriculum all about vehicles. There are a lot of train songs, […]

Feb, 25

Valentine’s Day

For my kids, Valentines Day is mostly about candy; exchanging valentines at school, class parties, and chocolates or some other treat from us. To help us remember that this day is ultimately about love, we […]

Feb, 05

Thanksgiving Songs

There aren’t many Thanksgiving songs out there. For any age. Here are the songs we’ve been listening to that have helped us get in the Thanksgiving spirit. Some aren’t specifically about Thanksgiving but involve food, […]

Nov, 14

Playtime Music with Friends

Just in time for those long summer days, here is the newest installment in my Music with Friends collections, Playtime. I’m really excited about this group of songs because it incorporates favorite playthings as props; […]

Jun, 19

Connecting with Music

My Roxcy has been spent the last three months in France with her cousins. It has been the most amazing experience for her but I miss her like crazy. We’ve been able to text and […]

May, 16

Bubblegum Rock

I’m a little to embarrassed to admit it, but my kids love Barney and the Wiggles and Baby Einstein. And I let them listen and watch as much as they want. There is something about […]

Apr, 18

Farm Songs to Dance to

Here’s a whole new group of songs to use with the Farm Music with Friends collection. When you see the group getting a little antsy or a little bored, pass out dancing scarves and put […]

Mar, 16

Farm Music with Friends

This newest Music with Friends collection is all about the farm. You’ll find lots of chances for creativity (“what’s your favorite animal?”) and dramatic play (“can you pretend to be a pig?”) as you sing […]

Feb, 24

Songs to Dance to – Christmas

I’ve put together a collection of danceable Christmas music to use in my weekly Music with Friends class. It’s a great variety of classical, traditional, bluegrass, Latin and jazz music. Some songs encourage fast and […]

Dec, 08

Music with Friends – Christmas

Our Music with Friends group has been growing and growing as the word has gotten out! We loved Moving our Bodies, but we were ready for something new. The last few weeks, we’ve been singing […]

Dec, 01

They Might Be Giants

My kids very favorite band is They Might Be Giants. When the oldest two were young we discovered their children’s albums, No! and Here Come The ABCs. We were all hooked. As a family we’ve […]

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Oct, 04


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