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Playground Rhymes

I love living in a place where spring comes early. The weather has been magically warm and sunny and fresh. We’ve been taking advantage of it by spending so much time at the park. When […]

Mar, 05


I was skeptical whether my young music friends would be able to do this dance without adult help, but I was surprised how fast they caught on. Their favorite part was the rig-a-jig-jig sawing movement. […]

Feb, 04

Paw Paw Patch

I love songs that are also games. This one is perfect for the toddler crowd just learning hide-and-seek. Hiding places should be simple, and you might want to give specific parameters (hide in this room) […]

Jan, 28

Brown Girl in the Ring

I shorten this traditional Jamaican song to make it an educational game about colors. It’s the most fun when you sit in a circle (make a ring) and let the children take turns dancing in […]

Sep, 17

Happy May Day

We are so excited about May at our house. This May we’re looking forward to visits from cousins, Jonah’s birthday and Roxcy coming home from France! Although we’ve never celebrated it, I love the idea […]

Apr, 30

Ring Around the Rosie

As you can tell from the pictures, this song has been around forever (forever being mid 1600s). As soon as my children have learned to walk, this has become their favorite. Be sure to let […]

Mar, 19

Miss Polly Has a Dolly

This is one that I like to chant to my children.  The rhythm is obvious and the lines end with repeating words, so kids really latch on to it.  They love to play-act along. Sometimes […]

Feb, 06

Alligator Pie

VIDEO This short, rhythmic game is appropriate for any time of the year, but especially fun for the holidays when pie is abundant. Replace “alligator pie” with all your favorite kinds of pie. Alligator pie, […]

Dec, 13

Singing Christmas Songs

image Christmas songs are hard to sing with little ones because they’re so wordy! In choosing songs for the Music with Friends- Christmas, I tried to pick songs that are familiar and have repetition. But […]

Dec, 06

The Big Black Bear

VIDEO This is a favorite family game. To play, one person (the “bear”) curls up on the floor. We like to put a blanket over the bear, but it’s not necessary. Everyone else walks around […]

Nov, 11

Cleaning Mix

It’s no secret that music can be a great motivator. (Have you ever been in the middle of a workout, feeling like you want to give up and the perfect song comes on, something upbeat […]

Oct, 13

Poetry for Rapping

We love the poems in both Polkabats and Octopus Slacks: 14 Stories and Dutch Sneakers and Fleakeepers: 14 More Stories by Calef Brown. I’m a sucker for a poem with good rhythm and these “stories” […]

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Oct, 06


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