Dibble Dibble Dee

Family Dance

Let’s Go Songs to Dance to

This fun dance mix includes classical, latin, bicycles, cannons, tickles and bananas. You can listen to it on spotify: This collection was created to use along with the Let’s Go Music with Friends collection.

Mar, 04

Rubber Ball

When you turn on this track, make sure you have a bunch of balls available. If you have a large group, have everyone sit in a circle and roll balls back and forth. You can […]

Feb, 21


Once you turn on this fiery Latin piece you won’t be able to stay still. Move your hips to the fast guitar, clap on the downbeats, stomp along with the beat. The middle part of […]

Feb, 14

Stellar Dendrites

Winter Wonderland is an amazing collaboration between percussionist Evelyn Glennie and cellist/composer Philip Sheppard. Although there are many danceable tracks on this album, Stellar Dendrites is my favorite. When we danced to this tune during […]

Jan, 31

Thanksgiving Songs

There aren’t many Thanksgiving songs out there. For any age. Here are the songs we’ve been listening to that have helped us get in the Thanksgiving spirit. Some aren’t specifically about Thanksgiving but involve food, […]

Nov, 14

Elle me dit

This addictive, upbeat French pop tune is the perfect song for a family dance. I love how the video is styled, it’s so cool. You can download it on itunes: Elle Me Dit

Jun, 15

Dance Party

My kids have been out of school for two weeks now and we are fully into the swing of summer things. For the second year in a row, our neighborhood organized a big dance party […]

Jun, 11

Happy May Day

We are so excited about May at our house. This May we’re looking forward to visits from cousins, Jonah’s birthday and Roxcy coming home from France! Although we’ve never celebrated it, I love the idea […]

Apr, 30

Farm Songs to Dance to

Here’s a whole new group of songs to use with the Farm Music with Friends collection. When you see the group getting a little antsy or a little bored, pass out dancing scarves and put […]

Mar, 16

Bye Bye Bye

The other day my almost 2 year old kept asking for the “bye bye” song. I was racking my brain, trying to come up with some song we sing together or that he might have […]

Dec, 14

Songs to Dance to – Christmas

I’ve put together a collection of danceable Christmas music to use in my weekly Music with Friends class. It’s a great variety of classical, traditional, bluegrass, Latin and jazz music. Some songs encourage fast and […]

Dec, 08

Fairies and Donkeys

I got to see the most fabulous production of Midsummer Night’s Dream this summer. They played music from Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream throughout the production and I was reminded how great this music is. When […]

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Oct, 12


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