Dibble Dibble Dee

Elementary Age

Let’s Go Songs to Dance to

This fun dance mix includes classical, latin, bicycles, cannons, tickles and bananas. You can listen to it on spotify: This collection was created to use along with the Let’s Go Music with Friends collection.

Mar, 04

Rubber Ball

When you turn on this track, make sure you have a bunch of balls available. If you have a large group, have everyone sit in a circle and roll balls back and forth. You can […]

Feb, 21

Happy President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day! Hope you have fun and relaxing plans. Our day involves teaching the kids to set up a spreadsheet budget, playing at the park and a swim and BBQ party (although it’s gorgeous […]

Feb, 18


Once you turn on this fiery Latin piece you won’t be able to stay still. Move your hips to the fast guitar, clap on the downbeats, stomp along with the beat. The middle part of […]

Feb, 14

Ode to Joy

My five year old just started learning Ode to Joy, the theme from the last movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. She’s a very beginner, this is one of the first songs she’s learned that involves […]

Feb, 12

Round and Round the Village

For this game, use a parachute or very big stretchy band. Stand in a circle, make sure everyone has a handle to hold. As you sing, go around and around. When you “go in and […]

Feb, 11

Hungarian Dance No. 5 in F minor: Allegro

This fast piece by Brahms is a great dance track. It’s full of opposites. The piece starts out fast and loud but suddenly gets slow and quiet. At one point the notes become long, evoking […]

Feb, 07

Here’s A Ball for Baby

Here’s a Ball for Baby is an active but calming song. You can sing it as a lullaby to your baby, or do the movements with your toddler. This simple version by Rahel (Ann Rachel) […]

Feb, 06

Valentine’s Day

For my kids, Valentines Day is mostly about candy; exchanging valentines at school, class parties, and chocolates or some other treat from us. To help us remember that this day is ultimately about love, we […]

Feb, 05


I was skeptical whether my young music friends would be able to do this dance without adult help, but I was surprised how fast they caught on. Their favorite part was the rig-a-jig-jig sawing movement. […]

Feb, 04

Stellar Dendrites

Winter Wonderland is an amazing collaboration between percussionist Evelyn Glennie and cellist/composer Philip Sheppard. Although there are many danceable tracks on this album, Stellar Dendrites is my favorite. When we danced to this tune during […]

Jan, 31

The Bean Bag

We first learned this song during library story time and it quickly became our favorite bean bag song. I prefer to sing songs without any accompaniment, but this one works well with the musical track. […]

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Jan, 30


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