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About Erin

I have five adorable kids, but before I became a mom, I was first a musician and then a teacher. I’ve taught band, orchestra, choir, private piano lessons and preschool music classes. I have a bachelor’s degree in music education with an emphasis in percussion and studied piano pedagogy in graduate school. I believe that everyone can and should benefit from a musical education and that there are endless ways to experience and create music.

These days I concentrate my musical training and passion into creating a musical education for my children that involves listening, playing and creating. This has been wonderfully challenging and rewarding because of their different ages, personalities, interests and learning styles. Roxcy currently takes piano and guitar lessons. She loves learning her favorite pop songs from you tube tutorials. She’s starting to experiment with composing. Jonah plays the piano and drums. He plays in the Academy (School of Rock) and in school band. Colin takes piano. Petrea takes piano and sings in the church choir. Julian at four loves to participate in music time and add to his Spotify playlist.

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