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This article was written on 05 Mar 2013, and is filled under Games, Preschoolers.

Playground Rhymes

I love living in a place where spring comes early. The weather has been magically warm and sunny and fresh. We’ve been taking advantage of it by spending so much time at the park. When my oldest was little I started chanting this rhyme when I would push her on the swings. Each time I said a number I would give her a push until the underdog finish! She loved it and it’s stuck. It’s still a favorite game with my two youngest. And when the big kids accompany us to the park, they play the game with their younger siblings.

One for the money,
Two for the show,
Three to get ready,
Four to . . . underdog!

This week we visited a park next to a fire station. It had a cute teeter totter that featured dalmatian dogs as the seats. My daughter taught us this silly rhyme that she learned at preschool:

Teeter totter,
Bread and water,
Wash a fish with dirty water.

We also had fun with this classic as we went up and down:

Teeter-totter up and down,
This is the way to London town,
One foot up, one foot down,
This is the way to London town.

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