Dibble Dibble Dee

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

I wanted to include this song on my Let’s Go Music with Friends collection because of the interesting rhythm and tempo changes, but because it’s so wordy and has no chorus, it’s a hard one […]

Tickle Time

This fun bonding song by the always creative Sandra Boyton will have your kids asking for more. It’s a great song to turn on when your child is asking for a little attention. It’s also […]

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Little Red Caboose

This great little train song is so catchy, partly because of the swooshing hand motion. It makes a neat sound and is easy enough for toddlers to do. Little Red Caboose is part of the […]

Mar, 08

Playground Rhymes

I love living in a place where spring comes early. The weather has been magically warm and sunny and fresh. We’ve been taking advantage of it by spending so much time at the park. When […]

Mar, 05

Let’s Go Songs to Dance to

This fun dance mix includes classical, latin, bicycles, cannons, tickles and bananas. You can listen to it on spotify: This collection was created to use along with the Let’s Go Music with Friends collection.

Mar, 04

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I love the alternating back and forth and side to side motion of this song. It can be gentle and soothing if you have a baby on your lap or can be raucous and active […]

Feb, 26

Let’s Go Music with Friends

My son loves trucks and trains and cars and boats and pretty much anything that moves. I wanted to create a Music with Friends curriculum all about vehicles. There are a lot of train songs, […]

Feb, 25

Rubber Ball

When you turn on this track, make sure you have a bunch of balls available. If you have a large group, have everyone sit in a circle and roll balls back and forth. You can […]

Feb, 21

Grand Old Duke of York

This traditional nursery rhyme is a fun lap song for active babies and toddlers. I love this illustration by Steve Morrison. His blog is full of sweet and playful illustrations for kids. During music time, […]

Feb, 19

Happy President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day! Hope you have fun and relaxing plans. Our day involves teaching the kids to set up a spreadsheet budget, playing at the park and a swim and BBQ party (although it’s gorgeous […]

Feb, 18


Once you turn on this fiery Latin piece you won’t be able to stay still. Move your hips to the fast guitar, clap on the downbeats, stomp along with the beat. The middle part of […]

Feb, 14

Miss Polly Had a Dolly

The melody is a bit difficult for little ones, so we like to chant this one. You can use dolls or stuffed animals as props. Or snuggle your child and pretend that they are the […]

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Feb, 13




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